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Ukulele Bill's Beginner Level Ukulele Workshop

After two highly successful and popular ukulele workshops, Ukulele Bill is back to teach another beginner’s session. Save the date on your calendar for a great time and lots of fun.

Saturday, February 22nd.

Guests of the Wildflower Bed and Breakfast and Knotty Squirrel cabins get discounted lodging rates.

Ukulele Workshop (Beginner)

Friday:  On Friday night we will have a meet and greet at the Wild Flower Bed and Breakfast with early attendees if they wish. (Very informal, maybe in the living room or front porch.)

Saturday Morning:

We will spend Saturday morning with an (1) Intro to the Ukulele session which will include (1) History and Fun Facts, (2)  Parts of the Ukulele, (3)  Types of Ukuleles, and (4) Ukulele Accessories.  

Next we will cover (2) Tuning the Ukulele, showing three different methods that attendees will practice.

After that we will learn (3) How to Read a Chord Diagram which is so important to when you want to learn new chords. 

We will then cover how to make your ukulele sound good that will include several tips which will lead into (4) Strumming Basics.

After all this we are now ready to begin learning our first chords with the (5) Adding Chords segment. 

After practicing these chords we will go into (6) Playing Our First Songs  in which we will be  learning two songs that will help us practice the concepts that we have been working on throughout the morning.  While practicing these two songs we will add more strumming techniques that will make the songs come to life and make you smile.

Saturday Afternoon:

          After a nice lunch break we will be learning more new chords and songs which will lead us into (7) Different Rhythm Techniques. As we learn these four new songs we will learn about (8) Playing and Singing at the Same Time and practicing the five steps that help. The next step is (9) Playing in a Key that is Good for Your Voice. This is so important if you are going to really enjoy the ukulele. There are different ways to do this which we will cover.

 Last, but not least we will cover (10) Things You Need to Know to Keep the Enjoyment Factor High. After all, this is what it is really about!

Saturday Evening:

Ukulele Bill will give an Hour Concert Saturday evening! (I might even try playing a couple of the songs we worked on that day to see if I can pull it off.) All and all, it should be a great time and I’m excited about seeing every one!

Cost of the workshop: $99 per student, $79 for Music Roots students and guests of the Wildflower.

Fee includes Saturday night concert with Ukulele Bill.