31Jan, 2017

The Start of the Mountain View Meeting Place

Welcome to our new website and thanks for reading our blog. The Mountain View Meeting Place has only been open for about a month now (as of December 9, 2016). We have had a great response from the folks here in Mountain View. Shelley and I are thrilled that this new building came to pass.


If you have lived in Mountain View for over a year, you might remember the dilapidated yellow building that was next to the Wildflower Bed & Breakfast for many years. Our original intention was to renovate that building to make it a small banquet hall. However, after starting a little interior demolition, it was quickly apparent that the building was beyond saving.


By the way, a big thank you to the guys who showed up to help me tear down sheet rock on that day. I think they were a little scared after that stud came out of the wall so easily.


So now it’s demolition and new construction. Here is where the community spirit of cooperation and team work really shone through. The mayor, county judge, and sheriff got together and we were able to have prisoners do the demolition and haul the waste to the dump. What a major financial burden lifted!


The contractors that I used all did a great job as well. They worked hard and didn’t charge me what they deserved. A big thanks to Kahoka Construction, A-1 plumbing, Howard Stewart Electrician, George Hulsey Carpentry. I also owe a big thanks to Donnie and Ty, my good friends from Benton, who came up and put on the metal siding and roof. Also thanks to Michael Pruitt and Chuck Smith with WD Studio for working on the website, installing the projector and screen, and the outdoor sign.


Our vision for the Mountain View Meeting Place contains several elements. The first element (and the primary element) is to provide a place where we can host marriage conferences. This was part of our original vision when we bought the Wildflower Bed & Breakfast. We have already hosted one successful conference with Choose2Stay ministries. In February, we will host our second conference with Family Life missionaries Billy and Rebecca Altman sponsoring an Art of Marriage Video Event.


The second element is to have a modern facility that draws people to Mountain View. Partnering with Charley Sandage, we are planning for the Mountain View Meeting Place to host homeschool groups to provide an interactive experience in learning Arkansas history. Charley will also be instrumental in drawing teachers to Mountain View for professional development classes. We are also looking to host wedding receptions, corporate retreats, and other events that will provide the Mountain View experience to new visitors.


The third element of our vision is to provide an event center that Mountain View residents can use for local events. The Mountain View Meeting Place has already hosted many birthday parties, a retirement party, and several other local events hosted in our new building.


The coming season is looking great for the Mountain View Meeting Place. In April, the MVMP will host a Tuesday Night Jam for local musicians to come and play by invitation. Admission is free, but tips will be requested for the musicians. The jam will be broadcast to Concert Window so that folks can watch over the internet. This will provide some great exposure for the musicians and for Mountain View as well.


Check out our Facebook page for upcoming events and movies. Give us a call at 870-269-4383 if you have any questions about upcoming events or renting the event center.


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