106 E Washington St., Mountain View, AR 72560

The Pam Setser Show

Join the Queen of Mountain View Music Pam Setser and her special guests every Friday night for a special show featuring some of the best performers in Arkansas!

Pam Setser is well known for her performances at the Ozark Folk Center, Mountain View Meeting Place as well as many other venues around Arkansas and neighboring states. She has played at the Grand Country show in Branson. She will be featuring many wonderful performers on her new show every Friday night at 7 pm.

For a calendar of her shows, click here or go the Pam Setser Musician Facebook page.

Catch her show live on the Pam Setser Musician Facebook page or by clicking the link below:


For some great extra stuff and insider extras, join Pam’s tribe at www.patreon.com/pamsetser.