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Ozark Roots Hammered Dulcimer

Ozark Roots Dulcimer Festival

Hammered DulcimerIt was a great Ozark Roots Dulcimer Festival this year. Wonderful students taking the workshops, amazing performance at the Folk Center, then the most unforgettably awesome show in the Caverns.

Thank you so much to Jim and Betty Woods from the Dulcimer Shoppe, Duane and Cindi Porterfield, Sue Carpenter, Margaret Wright, Linda Thomas and Dan Delancey, Irl Hees for helping out in the Caverns, all of the folks at the Blanchard Springs Caverns (Shane, Paul, Destiny, Grant, and several others whom I cannot remember, sorry!), the folks at the First Baptist Church, all of the volunteers, and everyone else whom I forgot to mention for your help.

I am very glad that this event is growing steadily. We will have another one next year. Linda Thomas has already committed to next year’s festival. As soon as the dust settles from this one, we will start working on next year’s festival.

Keep watching for news about next year! And thank you.  🙂