106 E Washington St., Mountain View, AR 72560

Crafter’s Weekend

5th Annual Wildflower Crafter's Weekend

Join Kathy Stevens for another great Crafter’s Weekend, Saturday February 8th. 

Explore the ancient art of tablet, or card weaving. Woven bands can be used to make guitar straps, pet collars and leashes, belts, decorative trim, lanyards, key fobs, and more.

Beginner and intermediate weavers are welcome. You will learn to warp a loom and weave basic patterns. A variety of types of looms will be available to use, or bring your own tablet or inkle loom.

Intermediate students will have the opportunity to learn more complicated patterns such as Egyptian diagonals, Kivrim, and double faced weaving.

You will also learn to weave letters to personalize your band or weave a message. You’ll learn to read patterns and even create your own.

Come enjoy a great weekend of crafting at the Wildflower!

$89 class fee.
$79 for Wildflower Guests.