106 E Washington St., Mountain View, AR 72560


Advertising Opportunities

Reach Your Target Audience
The Mountain View Meeting Place is the perfect venue for direct-reach advertising. Before all events and during intermissions, a slide show with sound is shown to attendees. This slide show presentation consists of high quality graphic content that will catch the viewer’s eye as they wait for the event.  In the off-season, approximately 150 people per month have seen the previews slide show.  There are over 15 events each month where you ad will be shown multiple times.
There is also a business card station by the door so potential customers can take a card with your information. At least twice per month, we will post a Thank You to you for sponsoring the free music that goes on at our Club Possum show to both our Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.
The slide show can consist of:
  • One slide with your business logo, photos, products/services you offer, etc.
  • Multiple slides
  • A short video advertisement
The slide show will loop, so the slide will be seen several times at each showing. For two hour performances, there are usually two showings. For all day events, there will be a showing prior to the start and during each break.
When performances are live-streamed on the internet, viewers online will also see the slide show. Businesses can reach many people outside of Mountain View.
Tourist Season Rates (beginning April 1st):
Single slide with animation: $45 per month
Video: $70 per month up to 15 seconds. $20 for additional 5 seconds

Contact Chris at 870-214-2049 for questions.